Get the best price quote on floor tile works in Kampala, Uganda with Gretarck Décor and Interior Limited's flooring works services.

Get the best price quote on floor tile works in Kampala, Uganda with Gretarck Décor and Interior Limited’s flooring works services. If the wall and floor tiles in your home or office building require fixing or a complete overhaul, we are the expert tiling contractors, with the ability to do an impeccable job, even with the most complex projects.

When choosing tiles for a home or office environment, our tile works team creates custom designs that match the theme of the surrounding environment. If it’s a corporate environment, the tiles are created to provide the least amount of distraction to your employees, so they can properly concentrate on their work.

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The best tiles for office environments are the bigger ones, with more subtle colors. But, if you are operating in a creative field, patterned tiles are more suitable, as studies show they encourage one’s resourcefulness and innovative thinking.

Another important aspect that our design team considers when installing tiles is the amount of daily traffic in the office. Employees who move around the office a lot would benefit more from softer tiling options, such as vinyl or linoleum.

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If the life in the office involves more sitting than walking, we usually advise the installation of porcelain or ceramic tiles, as they are more visually appealing. We advise clients to pick the ones with the highest abrasion resistance, as they are more durable and don’t get easily damaged.

The services Gretarck Décor and Interior Limited provides are of the highest quality, with the highest regard towards satisfying our clients’ needs. Our main advantage is our able and skilled personnel, who meet the high standards the tile works industry imposes.

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