Gypsum Archway Works in Kampala Uganda

Converting a plain entryway into a curved arch is a great way to give a room, house or hallway a new look and feel. Arck Decor Uganda Limited designs finishings that may be applied to the inner face of almost any archway. Our drywall arches divide one large room into functional areas, which is perfect for apartments.

Corner inserts, shelves and built-in lighting are accessories that may be added to the dry wall gyspum arch design. The drywall arch can be absolutely any shape – classical oval, trapezoidal, asymmetric, elongated and even beveled. You can use it if you want to connect the kitchen and living room, to divide the space of a large kitchen into a working and dining area.

For price quotation on gypsum mold arch/archways please contact us today and describe your requirements.