Gypsum Ceiling Board Design, Works and Installation in Kampala, Uganda
Gypsum Plaster Board Ceiling Design, Works and Installation in Kampala, Uganda


Gretarck Decor and Interiors is a leading designer and installater of gypsum board ceiling designs at the best prices in the Kampala, Uganda. Gypsum board ceilings have become an integral part of home construction in the country adding beauty to the home along with keeping away excess heat, cold and noise from your home or office. These are also essential for concealing electrical wires and installing central air-conditioning systems.

High Quality Gypsum Ceiling Designs


Gretarck Decor and Interiors takes care that all gypsum boards are made from high quality materials including sourced from superior gypsum plaster board brand manufacturers such as Knauf Gypsum Boards.

Various designs can be made applied to make your home or office ceiling truly beautiful – all done according to client specifications for the gypsum ceiling construction project.

Information About Gypsum Board Ceilings for the Uganda Home Owner


According the Gypsum Association, Gypsum board ceilings, also known as false ceilings are a type of an artificial ceiling created as a lowered extension of the existing ceiling. Also known as dropped ceiling, T-bar ceiling, suspended ceiling or grid ceiling, this type was first used only in commercial constructions.

The gap between the actual ceiling and false ceiling is used to install lighting and air-conditioning vents. But with time and design development, this type of ceiling has now become a part of households in Uganda. Commonly used in newly constructed homes, false ceilings are a way of adding sophistication to the indoors or interiors of homes.

While in the commercial form this type completely blocks the actual ceiling of the building using gypsum board or steel panels, in households, a more designer form is made using Plaster of Paris (POP).

Designed in different shapes and height, the artistic look of false ceiling adds to the décor of a home.

Why You Should Install Gypsum Ceiling Boards


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If you have high ceilings at home, these could add to the décor and let you play with lighting. These ceilings allow you to add depth to the room by showcasing the gap between high and the lowered ceiling.

It conceals the wiring used in lighting installed in the ceiling.

To add to the beauty, you could also get some interesting carvings on the higher ceiling using Plaster of Paris or POP.

It also has sound absorption capability and makes your room cozy and quiet.

It is good at absorbing heat, too.

A word of caution

If not maintained well, gypsum board ceilings can be home to pests and spider webs.

If the actual ceiling in your home is not too high, adding false ceiling could make your room look smaller and claustrophobic.

A hanging structure, the false ceiling is not as solid as the actual ceiling. Thus, in case of any calamity or installing of any heavy lighting or other fixtures could cause a damage.

Free Price Quote on Gypsum Ceiling Board Design and Installation in Kampala, Uganda


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Gypsum Ceiling Projects Completed in Uganda


Feel free to browse through a selection of past and present gypsum ceiling board projects Gretarck Decor and Interiors has completed on residential and commercial properties in Kampala and the rest of Uganda.