Syntech Interiors Ltd’s Gypsum Pillar Decoration is the best Gypsum Pillar Decoration and Design Company in Uganda. Reasons to choose us for your pillar design include the fact that we are direct manufacturers, our gypsum pillars have high strength, good packing, different varieties of designs, clean and clear flower patterns and usage life of 10-80 years.

Made from materials such as gypsum plaster, water and fiberglass, pillars can be used for building decoration and to hold the LED lamps for beauty. Installation is done using glue and adhesive, and any color can be painted from the original very white plaster color.

If you need high quality and durable gypsum pillar decoration and design, you can request a free consultation today.


gypsum pillar uganda
Simple Gypsum Pillar With Decorative Paint Finishing
Outdoor Pillar enclosed in Gypsum Board or POP
gypsum pillar kampala
Indoor Gypsum Pillar Design
Outdoor Decoration on Ordinary Pillar
Residential Apartment Pillar With Decorative Paint Works