Looking for a House Finishing Company in Uganda? You can trust Gretarck Décor and Interiors Limited to do the best work on your residential or commercial building in Kampala and the rest of the country.

Looking for a House Finishing Company in Uganda? You can trust Gretarck Décor Ltd to do the best work on your residential or commercial building in Kampala and the rest of the country.

If you want give your home a brand new yet sophisticated look? Gretarck Décor and Interiors Limited is the leading house finishing company in Uganda that can help you with all aspects of your construction finishing projects. Our highly skilled team has years of industry experience. They have provided excellent customer service and quality work, establishing trust with industry professionals and creating long lasting partnerships.

As the best finishing company in Kampala, we will ensure that your project is completed on schedule and within budget. Our extensive knowledge and professionalism have made us a trusted partner for property and homeowners for over decades. We pride ourselves on customer service, paying attention to detail, and delivering a high-quality finishing service  on time and within budget.

Every home renovation, general contracting, and construction project will be exquisitely finished. So you can trust us as a top-notch finishing company in Kampala to provide you with the assurance of quality finishes.

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Services Included in our House Finishing Projects

General Decorations and Decorative PaintingGretarck Décor and Interiors Limited give general adornment administrations to several valuable development industries. We work on multiple venture categories, including many tasks that vary from small to big projects for both interior and outdoor paint projects.

Spray Applied Finishes – We have adopted splash application methods to help customers with their development program on board. It incorporates airless splashing, roofs, multiple constructions, heatproof, sterile, spill safe, and other defensive coatings.

Wall Coverings – Our accomplished paper holders apply many wallcoverings, including vinyl, texture, silk, and handprinted papers.

Floor Coatings and Car Park Decking – We provide a complete modern floor with defensive coatings, non-slip surfaces in the kitchen area, the back area of the house, and residue sealing to plant rooms.

Protective Coating – Our projects incorporates a full specialized evaluation and complete surface arrangement before using advanced coatings to ensure against spillages and weighty mileage.



Best Finishing Company in Uganda to Turn Your Home into A Dream Home

Everyone has a dream of a beautiful and properly finished home. Our finishing company in Kampala offers professional Spray Applied Finishes, wall covering, Floor Coatings, and finishing services that will transform your home into a warm and welcoming space for your family. We will ensure your coating, wall, and paint are correctly finished, dry, and free from imperfections.

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Gretarck Décor and Interiors Limited can help you choose your home’s floor coating or finishing system. Our expertise in finishing is a testament to our longevity. As a result, you can rest assured that your work will be completed on time, safely, and with great care.

We use high-quality tools to provide long-lasting beauty and durability to any home and commercial finishing project. In addition, our finishing services are award-winning, and All aspects of Spray Applied Finishes, wall covering, Floor Coatings, and interior finishing are included in our services.

We aim to provide interior design construction solutions that are efficient and cost-effective to meet the client’s needs and requirements.


Why we offer finishes

  • Make sure you have a smooth surface.
  • Protect the essential work of climate action.
  • It provides safety and comfort to its residents

Gretarck Décor and Interiors Limited is a well-known finishing company in Uganda that provides complete interior and exterior finishing solutions. We work closely with our clients to deliver them the best result. We are proud of our track record of success and happy clients.


Reliable Finishing Services to Increase Your Home’s Value

Finishing your home is an excellent way to increase the value of your house. A finished home and other commercial buildings can increase the value if you are planning to sell it in the future. Plus, buyers will be more likely to view your building if you have attractively finished walls and floors.

Gretarck Décor and Interiors is the most reliable finishing company in Kampala to trust for decorating, finishing, and fit-outs. Our reputation for finishing and wall covering is due to our exceptional quality and ability to meet the unique needs of our customers. Gretarck Décor and Interiors is an excellent choice if you need a professional finishing company. Our team also has years of experience and can provide high-quality services to finish your residential and commercial buildings.


General Finishing and Decoration Contractors

We will take your vision and make it a reality by finishing your commercial and residential projects. Our Highly skilled finishing specialists work within tight deadlines and budgets for commercial and residential interior projects, including offices, hotels, and leisure. In addition, our high-quality finishing services have made us a famous finishing company in London among other companies. We also pride ourselves on our valued approach to improving performance in all business areas. It ensures that you get the best possible service.

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Why Choose Us?

Gretarck Décor and Interiors is not only the best finishing company in Uganda, but we’re also highly skilled in all areas of our work. We pride ourselves on creating a professional and striking exterior and interior finish, giving your home the modern and sophisticated look you want.

The project managers will work with you to establish the design and look you desire for your home. They will then create a rendering so you can see the final results. The wall surface is then professionally cleaned and finished to ensure all finishes adhere correctly and will last long. Our wall covering and coating finish improve the appearance of your home regardless of whether it was built years ago-. All of our finishes will last for years. We can also add architectural and design elements to give your home a luxurious, elegant look regardless of size.

Our finishing specialists combine their extensive experience and access to huge resources with extraordinary finishing expertise. Whether renovating, remodeling, or constructing your home, Gretarck Décor and Interiors is the top-class finishing company in Kampala. With professional finishing and builds and refurbishments, professionals who know how important your homes are to you, so you can enjoy your brand new and finished home in comfort, we handle all the finishing and construction.


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