Get the best price quote on property renovation and refurbishment for residential and commercial buildings in Kampala and other towns in Uganda at Gretarck Décor & Interiors Limited.

Get the best price quote on property renovation and refurbishment for residential and commercial buildings in Kampala and other towns in Uganda at Gretarck Décor & Interiors Limited.

A house renovation is a great investment for your home or commercial building. Renovating your property creates the feeling of living in a new home on a far lower budget, and without all the known hassle associated with moving. If you are looking for an experienced home renovations company feel free to get in touch for a free site visit.


Property Renovation & Refurbishment Services

Gretarck Décor & Interiors Limited can help with all aspects of your house renovation in Uganda, including:

Structural Design Services – If you are changing the layout of your home, structural design can be necessary. If you want to remove a load bearing wall or create roof lights, structural works are required. We have structural engineers assigned to each house renovation.

Interior and Architectural Design – For your house refurbishment you want to use all the space efficiently. The shape of the rooms is important. The position of each room towards incoming sunlight must also be considered. Having enough storage space and a utility room, for example, are important aspects when planning a house renovation. The layout and orientation of the kitchen and even the choice of colours and materials can make a big difference for a successful home refurbishment. Gretarck Décor & Interiors works with the best architects and interior designers in Uganda to provide their services to our clients at very competitive prices.

Outdoor and Exterior Painting

Finishes and Materials –  Beyond structural and layout alterations, it’s all about finishes when refurbishing a house. Tiles and sanitary ware for the bathroom make a difference to make a stunning new space. The choice of materials, appliances, tiles and worktop for the kitchen is paramount in making a new space that’s both enjoyable and practical. Windows, doors and other joinery items are important features for a new look and feel of a renovated space. Gretarck Décor & Interiors offers our clients the best materials and finishes, directly from the best manufacturers at competitive prices.


Building renovation services can also include;


  • Construction: Sometimes a house renovation may require structural and construction work. We help you choose the right building contractor for this stage, with experience in installing the specific structural requirements. When creating or refurbishing walls, ceilings and flooring, we always have experienced professionals on site.
  • Electrical and Plumbing: Plumbing and electrical works are crucial to a successful house renovation. It is extremely important to have only trusted and reliable tradespeople. We only employs certified electricians and plumbers who have worked with us on successful past projects.
  • Finishing and Decoration: Experienced tilers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, joiners and decorators  are as important as the choice of materials. The finishing is very visible  in a renovated home and really makes a real difference to the satisfaction of our clients. Our workers are chosen from past projects, after evaluating their work on similar past projects.
  • Project Management: refurbishment works can be disruptive for the life of our clients. The experience during the works is as important as the final results. We always appoints a dedicated project manager to each project. Our project managers  have extensive experience in house renovations in Uganda.
Tile Works Contractor


Kitchen, Bathroom and Full House Refurbishment and Renovation Works

A kitchen renovation can include many alterations, besides installing a new kitchen. You might want to remove an internal wall to make a larger kitchen, for example. Installing new appliances or changing their arrangement will require wiring and plumbing work. New lighting may also be  part of the requirements.. If you are extending your house to make a larger kitchen, kitchen renovation might be part of your house extension.

For a bathroom renovation you may want to change the arrangements of all the fittings and install new sanitary ware. This will mean new plumbing alterations will be required. Tiling and lighting are almost always renovated when refurbishing a bathroom, with specialist workers involved. Often new bathrooms are created during house renovations, adding an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom or enlarging a ground floor toilet.

Wrought Iron Doors

A full house renovation can include kitchen and bathrooms refurbishment, new flooring, heating, wiring and plumbing and a new boiler. It often includes new windows and doors and plastering and painting of the internal and external walls. New ceilings might be included as well.


Cost of Building Renovation and Refurbishment in Uganda

The cost for a house renovation is very much variable, depending on what the project includes. Changing the kitchen will have a higher price than just repainting it.

To calculate a ballpark figure, the average cost of a house renovation is calculated per sqm including finishes like flooring, kitchen, tiles, sanitary ware. etc. Depending on the type of finishes and the size of the alterations, the cost per sqm can rise substantially.

We would be happy to arrange a free site visit where a specialist will meet you at the property to discuss your renovation in detail. We can also provide a free quotation. Contact Us Today.