Suspended Ceiling Installation Services in Kampala, Uganda
Suspended Ceiling Installation Services in Kampala, Uganda

If you are in need of suspended ceilings services in Uganda, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has years of experience with contracting work in Kampala and other regions of the country, and we’d be happy to work with you on suspended ceiling installation.

We have made a remarkable credibility and delivered excellent installation services in Uganda since 2018 and consistently used finest the ceiling products from the world’s prominent suppliers.


We’ve worked all throughout Uganda on suspended ceiling jobs, on everything from complex large projects to relatively simple, smaller projects. We want our clients to feel confident when they choose our team for their suspended ceiling services. If you have questions about our services, contact us today and we’ll walk you through our process. We want to be the suspended ceiling contractor of choice in Kampala.


Why Use Suspended Ceilings? Advantages of Suspended Ceilings


Suspended ceilings provide more than just a great aesthetic, they also provide storage. For example, business owners can store the cables required for networking their premise in a suspended ceiling grid. Other items can be stored in this area as well, including wiring, pipes, cabling, or air conditioning plants.

There are a wide variety of reasons why business owners might want to install suspended ceilings. The first is lighting. Suspended ceilings allow for embedded LED lighting systems as well as track lighting. This can help to make space feel warmer and inviting. The second is acoustics. Suspended ceilings can produce fantastic acoustics for a wide range of applications. The third is the shape. Suspended ceilings can create geometric shapes that change the look and feel of a space. Sloping ceilings is especially popular with bedrooms, but suspended ceilings can produce results in living rooms and dining rooms as well. For example, sloping ceilings in a dining room can put more focus on a large dining table in the center of the room.

Moreover, here are the following advantages of having suspended ceilings whether at home or at your workplace:


  • Handy and more convenient to mount than plasterboard assembly
    Unnecessary to finish
  • Maximizing light reflections results in saving of energy
  • Can put off from any soffit or ceiling style above
  • Provide a gateway to the plenum for any pipework, electric maintenance, etc.
  • Permits air conditioning, light fittings, and other services to be accessed easily within the space above the ceiling
  • Firm installation
  • Time-savvy in work building
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cover services such as plumbing, power etc. that provide access to contractors
  • Sound insulator abilities
  • Adaptable design and color variations


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Aside from these benefits, suspended ceilings are more than just for storage or aesthetic purposes. Installing suspended ceiling systems serves as:

Install Suspended Ceilings for Fire Protection

We fully comply with legal arrangements regarding Building Regulations and on its fire resistance protocols. We also ensure that suspended ceiling is accurately quantified, installed and designed to the manufacturer’s desires since it is part of a building’s fire defense.


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Suspended Ceilings are Perfect for Thermal Insulation

If you’re interested to have an eco-friendly environment while cutting off the expenses, invest to this one and make your employees happy! Adding a mineral wool cover or postulating a ceiling can considerably reduce the thermal energy loss of a certain space.


Increase Humidity Resistance with Suspended Ceilings

We exceed the need in ceiling installations for humidity requirement, we choose from a wide variety of grid and ceiling types that can provide for your site’s surrounding of up 100% Relative Humidity if it excels but normally it could cater up to 95% RH. There are a lot who demands conditions because of so many factors that require high HR and we are confident that we can attain those.

Protect your Assets with Suspended Ceilings – Hygiene and Sterile Applications
Strict industry requirements include health and safety which demands a ceiling type that is compliant with the guidelines prevailing the health and food businesses. Aside from that, other industries also demand a higher level of hygiene for environmentally precise installations or clean room conditions. We have the best solution to accommodate all the demands of different applications.


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Eliminate Noise with Suspended Ceilings

Reducing noise level improves comfort and work productivity. Suitably qualified acoustical ceilings together with high-performance sound absorption materials reduce noise levels in internal areas and lessen room to room sound.

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